Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Item 5 - Pastel Shawl - Winning Bid is AU$160.00

Pretty pastel pink V-shaped shawl which is approx. 70cm (28”) long. Made up mostly from crocheted scrumbles, this is an airy design that will give just the right amount of warmth around the shoulders and back. Containing wool, mohair and many exciting man-made yarns, it closes neatly at the front with angora loops and 2 vintage plastic buttons.

Approx. weight for mailing is 450g (16oz)

The highest starting offer for this item was placed by CA in AZ, USA - AU$20

so bidding has now commenced at AU$20.00
bid from VP in KY, USA - AU$50.00
bid from BP in WA, USA - AU$85.00
bid from MB in Silver Spring, USA - AU$100.00
bid from RB in NSW, Australia - AU$120.00
bid from PJ in AZ, USA - AU$140.00
bid from MB in Silver Spring, USA - AU$150.00
bid from BP in WA, USA - AU$155.00
The winning bid is from LS in Gothenburg, Sweden - AU$160.00. Congratulations