Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Item 6 - Pastel Purse - Winning Bid is AU$95.00

Pastel pink motifs plus many small scrumbles in all shapes and sizes go into making up this versatile purse, which had a crochet-reinforced knitted I-cord handle. The freeform work has been stitched to a rug canvas backing, and the bag is ready for you to add your own lining.

Approx. 30cm (12”) wide x 19cm (7½”) deep, not including handles; approx. mailing weight: 240g (8½oz)

The highest starting offer for this item was placed by CA in AZ, USA - AU$20

so bidding has now commenced at AU$20.00
bid from TO in Belfair, USA - AU$30.00
bid from BH in NSW, Australia - AU$50.00
bid from FF in CA, USA - AU$60.00
bid from PJ in AZ, USA - AU$80.00
bid from TO in Belfair, USA - AU$85.00
The winning bid is from JMcC in BC, Canada - AU$95.00. Congratulations